The people’s Email Network offers an online petition for opposition to John Roberts here.  It reads:

“We the people of the United States hereby call for a NATIONAL REFERENDUM, by email, by phone call, by fax, and by letter, on the choice of a new chief justice for our Supreme Court.
We are presented with a pleasant, smiley face who so far has refused to answer questions about whether he agrees with the holdings in cases upon which we have long relied, which we have a right to know, and who has refused to deliver for examination any of his memos for the last 20 years, which we have a right to see.
The now most unpopular second term president in history does NOT have the carte blanche to appoint any crony ideologue of his own choosing, and we are deeply suspicious of the motives of this particular nominee, who cannot even tell the truth about his leadership role in the reactionary Federalist Society. We therefore call on our senators to DEMAND a different and more forthcoming nominee who better represents the mainstream of the American people.”

Go sign it, and call your senators at the Capital telephone 877-762-8762. Insist they  stop this Stepford nominee.

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