This might have sunk in the peace march coverage, or drowned in the combined waters of Katrina and Rita, but our Congressfolks have been busy while we’ve been watching other things.

Tip of the nib to The Huffington Post for having this headline on the front page:

House OKs Faith As Head Start Hiring Issue

WASHINGTON – The House voted Thursday to let Head Start centers consider religion when hiring workers, overshadowing its moves to strengthen the preschool program’s academics and finances.

The Republican-led House approved a bill that lets churches and other faith-based preschool centers hire only people who share their religion, yet still receive federal tax dollars.

Democrats blasted that idea as discriminatory.


GOP lawmakers, with backing from the White House, contend that preschool centers should not have to give up their religious autonomy in order to receive federal grants.

“This is about our children, and denying them exemplary services just because the organization happens to be a religious one is just cruel,” said Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-N.C.

The Republican plan would, for example, let a Catholic church that provides Head Start services employ only Catholic child-care workers.

So, if you’re a great preschool teacher, but happen to be Wiccan, you can be passed over for a lesser teacher who just happens to be the same faith as the potential employer.

And in the end, it’s the children who suffer the most…

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