Saturday, September 24, 2005, was a day to demonstrate.  Some were demonstrating what works in America, free speech.  Others were presenting the façade of working.

Many were voicing their feelings; they were protesting the war.  Numerous persons were encouraging peace.  There was one putting on airs.  He was pretending to be profound and the great protector.

Citizens were working to address the President and share what they believe is the “State of the Union.”  The President was creating his own state, one where conditions are controlled, for the cameras.

The greater community recognized that the President is out-of-touch; he rarely has the time or the desire to truly connect with Americans, up close and personal.  Therefore, they decided to connect with him.  Droves of citizens from all walks of life went to Washington DC.  They went to the home of the master; however, conveniently, he was not there.  He left town, again.
Mr. Bush was not chopping down trees at his Crawford Ranch.  He was not flying over disaster zones, or observing devastation from above.  He was, doing as he does, posing and posturing.  He needed to do this; his poll numbers are down.

On Saturday, September 24, the King was where he was wanted most weeks earlier.  However, at that time he could not be bothered.  Then, he was on one of his many extended vacations.   Now, belatedly, George Walker Bush is “in” the storm-ravaged region.  He wants to appear Presidential, active, and working.  Yet, again he is not.  Mr. Bush was and is still avoiding all the truer circumstances, the conditions that his shortsighted policies create.

Thankfully, there are those that are not. They are what is good, active, working in, and fighting for America.  Here they are, the United States Labor Force. This photograph is courtesy of Max Speak, as are many more on his site.  Please visit and enjoy the viewing of DEMO-CRACY in action.


Betsy L. Angert Be-Think

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