A version of this originally appeared on the supernatural blog, The Mystery of the Haunted Vampire as Haunted Treehouse.

At the suggestion of someone in the comments, this was going to be my return to writing Got a happy story? but the digital camera got sand in it at the beach.

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OK, it’s not really haunted. It’s not exactly in a tree either. (Or a house for that matter.)

But the girls love it. I built it for them one weekend this summer from mostly scrap lumber. They dubbed it Fantastic Treehouse and put a sign on top with the name.

It has a trapdoor to the second level. I built the lower level at a low height for the toddler girl. She spends all of her time on the top floor.

Too small to see, but just above the stairs is a sign in crayon “No Boys allowed.”

The green thing in the bottom right corner is their turtle sandbox. In front of it is the counter where they sold so many “sand” cones to each other I need to buy more sand.

They spend a lot of time in it creating their own worlds. One hour it’s a superhero hideaway where they discuss their superhero powers and secret identities. (They seem to spend a lot more time discussing their superpowers than in fighting supervillains.) The next hour it’s a pirate ship (except they’re armed with Star Wars light sabers.) Other times its a castle.

But it’s a place they call their own to build their own happy stories.

And that’s my happy story tonight. Your happy story can be about anything you want it to be.

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