King George the Usurper, already a criminal conspirator per the Coup de 2000, isn’t the only one worried these days; his favorite pet and fellow theocrat, Tony Blair, has some worries himself with Plamegate about to make both mens’ lives hell, the kind of nagging worries that don’t go away, the kind that criminal evidence in the public domain brings.

[Update: 10:11 EDT Condi starts wagging on this side of the pond..] So, yes, the wagging begins.

Today tensions escalated sharply with Iran.

“Five people were killed in twin bombings in southwest Iran on Saturday.

“We are very suspicious about the role of British forces in perpetrating such terrorist acts,” the ISNA student news agency quoted Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as saying.

“Our people are used to these kind of incidents, and our intelligence agents found the footprints of Britain in the same incidents before,” Ahmadinejad said during a cabinet meeting.

This is either wagging, if the Brits are actually conducting black ops “terrorist” attacks, or it’s absolute incompetent, arrogant stupidity.

Iran is already like an angry stirred-up beeshive with 130,000 (or whatever amount) of US troops next door.  Why start whacking at the beeshive when they likely have some nasty weapons that could be lobbed at Israel and/or US barracks in a pre-emptive (God forbid) attack on Israel because they sense an atmosphere of impending pre-emptive hostilities, aimed initially at their nuclear facilities?

Welcome to the world of neo-con pre-emption amongst internationally recognized states, a dangerous, dangerous world.

Of course, Bush likely has the goods on Blair and has blackmailed him into wagging or else.  After Downing Street Memos, it isn’t hard to extrapolate that they are co-conspirators in the Iraq lies and they are both in it to the bitter end.

After all, their is some heady-duty evidence of wrong-doing in the public domain:  “The intelligence and facts were being fixed around the [Iraq] policy”… ouch!

How much of this kind of dog crap has to be in the public domain before scared prosecutors do their jobs?  Fitz appears to be doing his job, but we don’t have the indictments yet, and we don’t know if he will go easy or not if they do come?

And don’t forget that the hawks, of which Bush is one, wanted to start attacking Syria very recently, but only Condi stopped this from happening…

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