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Gay GOPer turns Democrat

As press secretary to former Congressman Tom Campbell (R-Stanford) 1988-1992 and as a founding member of Log Cabin Silicon Valley (1988) I have always thought that if Republicans truly value the moral high ground then one of their first priorities must be the extension of fundamental civil rights (i.e., marriage, gender equity) to all.

Since 1982, my partner (former president of the California Medical Board, appointed by Pete Wilson) and I have lived as an openly gay couple. We have watched with dismay as gay-friendly Republicans have cut deals with the far right to save their own necks at state and national conventions or to curry favor with them for their own “special interests” – usually business or religious zealots.

Example: Pete Wilson’s vetoing Assembly Bill 101 in 1991 (a gay-rights bill he openly campaigned for in the 1990 race) to stave off the wrath of Lou Sheldon and the Traditional Values Coalition.

Since serving as a field rep for former Governor Bob Ray (R-Iowa) in 1978 until September of this year, when Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed the gay marriage bill here, I have been a staunch Republican.
(Is there any other kind?)

Now, I am an unofficial Democrat. I will be an official Democrat
after this year’s election when I can safely re-register without
jeopardizing my ballot.

Louis Bonsignore
San Francisco

I am stunned it took him this long to learn the truth I have known for years but at least he is learning.  Now we can only hope the rest of them learn.

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