The uncensored, caution rated, true story of how it all began

There’s a story about Diane and I.  And I want to share at least an important part of MY version of it.


I was a member on dkos for about a year (user # 28972) when BooMan started up the Frog Pond.  I jumped right over here and signed up, with user number 73.  I usually read what was offered at BMT every day. I didn’t comment much and I didn’t post diaries.  Heck, until I started the  Adopted Daughter series on dk, I didn’t post diaries there either.  

When I capriciously decided to cross post the last few installments of that adoption series (and it really was on a whim) on BMT, Diane101 was all over it and asking me questions.  She drug me by the nape of the neck to the Tribune and told me to post diaries on “this” or “That”. . .we emailed, we IM’d, and then we started telephoning over the Internet.  In my thought process this was about a 2 or 3 week process.  Diane tells me it was 4 days.  She is most likely correct, since I have a bit of a problem connecting to time spans of any size. Shirl of the Stars spends quite a bit of time in those Stars. . .

We had an immediate and profound connection that is spiritual in nature, but all encompassing in reality.

We are of the same age group, although she is much younger (and older) at 62.

When we talk we spend a great deal of the time laughing.  Sometimes she even lets me talk too.

My strong points are not her strong points, for the most part.  Her strong points are decidedly not my strong points for sure.

She is details, direct, honest, common sense, practical, organization and a person of immediate action.  I am dreamer, a believer in the magical, mystical and miraculous, very Large concepts, limitless and don’t believe in “can’t.”

No one has ever been able to tell me what to do, even the hints of such cause me to dig my heels in.

Diane tells me what to do all the time and somehow it seems perfectly fine.  An occasional query by me, but generally I comply.

Therefore, Diane is magic.  You can see how that follows, can’t you?  Nobody tells me what to do or how to do it !!

When she came up with the Froggy Bottom Cafe idea at BMT, I knew she was brilliant!  See, an unerring sense of what people will connect with.  Wish I had thought of that.

Diane constantly pushes me. . .and I am a person that sometimes needs a push.

She can say in two short paragraphs what it takes me a full page to relate.  That will not change.

She told me we were going to create HER website Village Blue, and somehow I said sure and we did.

She told me I was going to create my own web site, Matters of Spirit and I said sure and I did.  

She says, about 3 or 4 times a day, “Shirl, why don’t you write a diary about. . . . ? or What do you think about this?”  She gives me a topic, they are always great topics, so I almost always say. . .”Okay.”

I ask her for practical advice on everyday type of things all the time.  She gives me great advice and lots of encouragement.

She asks me for less practical more esoteric advice (see how smart she is) and I share what I have. . .she goes with it.

We have an amazing friendship, a kinship of souls, and a great partnership.  And yes we know how to disagree quite passionately, but somehow it always ends up with both of us laughing and saying on this one thing, we just disagree.  (Diane is a more moderate liberal and I am the ultimate bleeding heart radical socialist liberal. You can see how we might disagree at times. . .[Big Smile])

There are quite a few things I defer to Diane on, because she has such an unerring ability to know what other people will respond to.  I do not always have that insight myself. I almost always at least ask her if she is sure.  She is sure and she is right.  It would be stupid not to pay attention to that.

We are two very strong and opinionated women.  We are both ALWAYS RIGHT!  And we make a perfect team.  We met a few months ago (April, 2005)  and have known each other forever.

Diane would tell you this story a bit differently and certainly in about two sentences.  The longer version I will write for myself, for my own personal enjoyment, and let this bare bones (for me) telling be the official one.  Which she will no doubt comment on and correct anything she sees as not exactly how it is or was.

It is difficult for me to restrain from expressing my love and appreciation for this amazing friend/sister/angel woman that I have been connected to since before time began.  So I hope not to embarass her, and I hope you all will forgive me for not being less “gushy” in my unending admiration and praise for her.

I have a hard time refraining from gushing over each of you as well.  You know how that LOVE thing is.  And it sure is at work here on the Frog Pond, and many other places that we meet.  I appreciate you cutting me some slack, and letting me spread the love all over the place.  Gonna do it any way. . .so nice to have no obstacles for that.

[Ed:  You will note in the painting the shorter of the two women, on the right, would be Diane pointing out to me that there is something I should do with the items in the basket. . .eh hem. . .and you will also note that I am carrying the biggest basket, that certainly is no happenstance either.  LOL]

I would love to hear any of your stories about Diane. . .and lordy, I know there are some out there!!

So give it up and add to the myth and stature of one of our favorite Tribbers.

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