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Ten Marines Killed Near Falluja In IED Attack:11 Wounded
December 2, 2005 MNF & By ROBERT H. REID, Associated Press Writer

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Splendora Family’s ‘Diamond In The Rough’ Lost:
“At The Last Minute His Return Trip Was Delayed By A Month”

December 2, 2005 By Christina Lee, 11 News
A Splendora family had their Christmas wish turn into a nightmare Friday.
They found out early Friday morning that their son, who was a Marine in Iraq, was killed in Fallujuah by a roadside bomb.
Robert Alexander Martinez was 20 years old and proud to serve his country, said his stepfather.
What’s even more heartbreaking is that he was expected to come home on Monday.
However, at the last minute his return trip was delayed by a month.
Now Jeremy Hunt mourns the loss of his stepson.
“He was a diamond in the rough for me,” said Hunt. “He was one of the greatest things I ever had come into my life. He was a great son, but not only a great son but a great friend to me.”
The Marine graduated from Cleveland High School two years ago and was a varsity baseball pitcher.
Everyone remembered him as the boy with the infectious smile.
His parents are still waiting to find out when his body will be shipped home.

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Peace Takes Courage:
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Bomb kills 11 Iraqis day after U.S. deaths
Dec 3, 9:34 AM EST
Associated Press Writer


Maryland Marine Killed In Falluja

This 2002 Hereford (Md.) High School yearbook photo shows Marine Cpl. Joshua Snyder of Hampstead, Md. who was killed Nov. 30, 2005 by small arms fire in Fallujah. (AP Photo/Courtesy Hereford High School

From a Veteran (Infantry Hospital Corpsman, USMC/USN) and a songwriter opposed to Bush’s war. He wrote “BushWhacked” in support and has received an incredible response from Soldiers, Families and a few angry co-conspirators. Feel free add this to your site in our mutual mission.
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Texas Sgt. Killed In Taji

Sgt. Donald J. Hasse, 28, of Wichita Falls, Texas, a Fort Riley soldiers killed Nov. 29, 2005 when a roadside bomb exploded in Taji. (AP Photo/U.S. Army)

A song by Billy Bragg-
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The Price Of Oil

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Crooks and Liars
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The decorated veteran trumps the AWOL chickenhawk.

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The Prairie Chapel Road 12
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