Today’s focus for the Twelve Days for Justice Protest revolves around Samuel Alito’s consistent advocacy for corporate interests over workers’ rights and the environment.  Judge Alito’s views are consistent with the Bush Administration’s which is proving to be a danger to our global climate and the health of the country’s job numbers.

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Continuing Action: After the Diary for Day 12 is available, print each diary and make booklets to hand out from December 23rd to January 9th.

Three groups to contact:

your senators, the Judiciary Committee, and your representatives

Send a fax via the web

Dear Senator:

I am writing today to express my displeasure with the nomination of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court of the United States.  As I have reviewed Judge Alito’s records of past rulings, it is apparent to me that he consistently puts the needs and interests of corporations over the rights of everyday workers in the United States.  He has also shown blatant disrespect for the environment, again siding with business interests.

In the case, Homar v. Gilbert, Judge Alito argued in the minority position that a corporate entity had the right to suspend an employee without a hearing or compensation.  This opens the door to strong-arm tactics by corporations that are more concerned with their financial bottom line than the rights of their workers.

Regarding environmental concerns, I was disturbed to read that Judge Alito cast the deciding vote in the 1997 case, Public Interest Research Group v. Magnesium Elektron that basically nullified the Clean Water Act by blocking a lawsuit and fine that was filed for a violation.  It should be noted that the Supreme Court later struck down Judge Alito’s decision, finding it to be an instance of judicial activism.

Sandra Day O’Connor, who has served the Supreme Court with great dignity for over two decades, deserves to be replaced with a judge who will follow in her moderate footsteps.  Case after case, Judge Alito has proven himself to be a far-right, conservative judicial activist with little regard for the needs of everyday workers in the United States.  The thought of Judge Alito sitting on the bench concerns me greatly, especially with two environmental rulings currently on the schedule for the Supreme Court slated for February 2006.

I join my fellow Americans who are concerned for workers’ rights and the environment and urge you to vote “No” on the nomination of Samuel Alito.  In addition, please ask President Bush to nominate a moderate judge like Sandra Day O’Conner who will truly represent the rights of all Americans.


Feel free to modify and spice up the letter as you see fit.  The power of the message won’t be felt unless you send it to the Senators, though.  Make your voice heard!

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