Dear God
I come to you
to ask for your strength
I have cursed at you
denied you
taken your name in vain
and defiled your image
for a joke

Yet I stand before you now
asking for help

Let me accept the failings
of others as readily
as I accept my own

Let the year 2006
be joyous and bountiful
Put an end to this cursed time

Show us the faces
of new leaders
who will atone for the sins
of the recent two presidents
and for the sins of all
of this corrupted, blasted generation
of fools

We have set our nation
and our children down a decadent path

May our children possess the strength
of character
and the desire
to heal their world
of this illness

Let us
end the division
of our country

Make us understand
that we are all together
as one

that our political and cultural
are not monsters
not morons
not criminals

any more than we are

They are people
who themselves
have reacted
to the decadence
of our wicked generation
in their own way

Different but not that different

Your son asked us
to learn from our abuse
by them
to turn the other cheek
away from this world

He asked us to exist
within the holy spirit
and exhorted us
to create God’s kingdom outside
of ourselves
in the world
to heal its pain
to heal their pain
to heal our pain

May we all
exhale the holy spirit
upon our friends and enemies
in 2006!

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