On my recent diary The NSA is not “BushCo”. Bush is just a President (Which was basically about the prospect of continuing domestic intel spying no matter WHO is “President”) Danny G commented “Thanks for telling the truth, Arthur. Any ideas on how to spread the word?”

Which brought up the following response.

Read on for yet another attempt at explaining the only way way that we can beat this whole PermaGov deception machine.

Or…fuggedaboudit and go watch the news.

Your choice.
Danny G wrote:

“Any ideas on how to spread the word?”


I have been TRYING (basically unsuccessfully) to spread EXACTLY this word for over a year. First on dKos…where the effort essentially got me banned, although they will never admit that and probably do not really know why what I had to say disturbed them so much…and now here.

Long story short?


and its necessary corollary


And its equally necessary corally


Simply turn these fools as far off as you can and still survive inside of the society.

Do not watch their lies.

Do not read their lies.

Do not buy their lies.

Turn them off, off, OFF, and like the spammers and trolls that they really are, they will fade away.

But the  general American public…including the left…is so addicted to its media jones that it cannot even CONSIDER doing this. And like every other junkie, it’s got an endless line of excuses that do not even touch the real issue of addiction.

“But…they need to be watched, these people!!!”

“I don’t BELIEVE the news…I just watch it.”

“The ads don’t affect ME!!!”

While simultaneously buying the total fiction that Butch is really the President of the United States, that there is much difference (if any) between the controlling centers of the two parties, that they still have their “privacy”, that modern Dr. Big Brother PharmaMed will cure you of your ills, that it’s alright to eat chemically polluted foods, that the proper nature of mankind requires a lifetime of endless debt, that $2.00 gasoline is a divine right worth for which it is worth fighting and dying and that the piece of shit Ford or Chevrolet in their driveway is a real automobile instead of the cheaply made, tarted up piece of murderous movable furniture that it really is.

Drop the fuck out. As far and as fast as you can. Deny these people the benefit of your labor. Deny them them their usurious interest and the taxes that you must pay on the inflated salary you have to earn in order to STAY in debt.

Simply put?


You will be better off for it, and it will irreparably harm them.

Which is really the first rule of war.

No…I take that back.

The FIRST rule of war is to know that you are indeed IN one.

And if you are constantly swallowing the propaganda of your enemy…then you are NOT aware of it.

Wake the fuck up.




And start to live again.

How’s THAT for ideas on how to spread the word?

And I already know the answer I will get from almost all of the good liberals…a term that will someday have the same resonance as the words “Good German”, I fear.


Followed closely by


So it goes.

Wake the fuck up.

Or…go turn on the news.

Your choice.


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