The battle for Christmas is over.  But the terrorists who aim to derail our society, to destroy our way of life, still lurk in the shadows.  And now they are going after New Years Eve!

A stunning array of secular special interest groups have aligned themselves in this next battle to undermine traditional values.  Jews, Muslims, and god knows what other secular humanist liberal pagan groups have laid siege on one of our most sacred traditions.  

There are groups out there who not only think the new year does not start on January 1st, but don’t even agree what year this is!  The Jews, the very people who not only killed Jesus, but also fund the war on Christmas, claim the year to be 5766.  Where do they get this stuff?  What, do they have their own Bible or something?

When god wrote the constitution on the 4th of July, he counted the days from January 1st, not from the first of Tishri, or whatever. Maybe we should all pay our taxes on Ramadan 15th, or Celebrate George Washington’s birthday on whatever Monday is convenient.  

It’s the details that hold our society together, and if “they” want to join in, then “they” should start seeing things our way, or get the h#ll out.  If we let them celebrate New Years whenever they want, the next thing you know they’ll be taking Jesus off the cross at my courthouse and nailing Buddha up there instead.

(peace on earth)

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