Last night I was watching some of the pontificating talking heads on the tube like Charlie Cook saying (paraphrase) “Oh no, the Republicans won’t lose the House, that would take something like the sweep in ’94 and I don’t see that.” Then later he said, “Aren’t there something like a dozen Iraqi war veterans running?”….and it got me thinking…

What if….half of the 30 or so Iraqi veterans already running(almost all Dems) WON?

What if more returning patriotic blue soldiers run for Congress. It’s still early, what if 50 run and half of them win?

What if the end of the year TV litany of Republican corruption, cronyism, Bush’s ‘woes’ becomes the drumbeat of 2006 and Americans rediscover America and Vote?

What if Rove, Hadley, Rumsfeld, Rice and Cheney all have to resign or are indicted?

What if reporters grow increasingly bolder and publishers, seeing which way the tide is turning, pile on and the perfect storm builds?

What if they start replaying Howard Dean’s speeches from 2003 & 2004 and say, ‘Hey, this guy was really right from the start, maybe we gave him a bum rap.’
What if the public just wanted the truth and threw away their soma?

What if we weren’t singing to the choir but more of our neighbors, co-workers, and family started to ‘get it’?

What if even one of the former CIA tell-all books take off and they’re all over the TV and the media treats them like truth telling experts and the Impeachment drumbeat grows?

What if the Republicans stubbornly refuse to believe their neo-con dream has vanished and simply will not hold hearings?

What if Bush goes on a rant in public, a barely controlled rageful, stammering, head jerking series of not quite suppressed non sequiters?

What if more of the blogging community got involved in their local Dem party and build a flourishing, vibrant local party base that blows the roof off grass roots campaigns and takes towns and cities by storm?

What if electronic voting had to have a paper trail or better yet, enough citizens volunteered to participate in elections and the worst we had to deal with were optical scanners? What if Diebold went broke over the weight of state and local suits?

Yes, what if the perfect storm continues to build and the newbies elected to Congress represent the will of the people and begin an entirely new era where Bush is an after thought and truth, justice and freedom ring again.

Yes, what if the possibility of democracy springs forward and we not only clean house but the world notices and calls it ‘the blue revolution that is sweeping America’. What if the British press says, ‘Clearly America has returned to its roots and re-captured some of the glory of liberty and leadership it once enjoyed.’

What if, we got the hell out of Iraq and moderate Muslim leaders emerged, time heals, and we treat people like the civilized beings most of them are?

What if we launch real aid programs with a worldwide group of allies and in a few years the bin ladens of the world find their support has dried up?

What if we really get it that hell is pounding on the door and we reduce energy usage, air emissions, and stave off the worst of global climate change.

Yes, what if it’s a new year dawning and I’m allowed as many good thoughts as I want. That’s a few of mine…how ’bout you?

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