G.O.P. Lobbyist to Plead Guilty in Deal With Prosecutors

WASHINGTON (NY Times) Jan. 3 — Jack Abramoff will plead guilty to three felony counts in Washington today as part of a settlement with federal prosecutors, ending an intense, months-long negotiation over whether the Republican lobbyist would testify against his former colleagues, people involved with the case said.

Lobbyist Jack Abramoff, a close associate of former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, to plead guilty to corruption, other charges, source tells CNN.

Abramoff Makes “Global” Deal ◊ by susanhu
Tue Jan 3rd, 2006 at 07:15:12 AM PST

Jack Abramoff “will plead guilty to three felony counts in Washington on Wednesday” … “pleading guilty to fraud, public corruption and tax evasion, setting the stage for prosecutors to begin using him as a cooperating witness against his former business and political colleagues. In exchange, Mr. Abramoff faces a maximum of about 10 years in prison in the Washington case,” reports the NYT.

In the Florida case, Abramoff is pleading guilty today “to fraud and conspiracy in connection with his purchase of the SunCruz casino boat line, and will face a maximum of about seven years’ prison time.” (NYT)

NOTE: The pleas will be made separately in what is called a “‘global’ arrangement”.

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Lawyer Neal Sonnett: Abramoff to Plead Quilty in Florida Fraud Case

MIAMI (USA Today/AP) — Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff has reached an agreement with federal prosecutors to plead guilty to two criminal charges stemming from the 2000 purchase of a fleet of gambling boats, according to his attorney.

Abramoff will also agree to cooperate in any ongoing federal investigations in Washington, said his Miami attorney Neal Sonnett. Prosecutors there are investigating several members of Congress who allegedly received favors from Abramoff or his clients. Abramoff will plead guilty to two of the six charges in a federal indictment, Sonnett said.

U.S. District Judge Paul C. Huck has scheduled a telephone status conference for later Tuesday.

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