A short time ago I arrived back home from a five hour drive to hear Governor Howard Dean.  
It was worth the drive.  There were dollars raised for the state party federal account.  There were numerous people there, and a diverse crowd.  It was a good speech, which I have a portion of on audio tape.   I got the opportunity to speak with Governor Dean for just a few moments.  It was above 40 degrees and no snow or ice on the Indiana side of the south Chicago suburbs, a good night.  Oh, and no Loyalty Oath necessary.  Governor Dean even joked about Bush’s hand picked crowds.  

There were war protesters lining the highway at the entrance of the venue, and they were getting positive response from passersby.  

I used to be active on a blog, and I was pushing for a Dean DNC Chairmanship.  I used to tell them, I supported Governor Dean because of the scream, not in spite of it.  I still feel that way, and It’s Time to take our Country Back.  We must do this.  

Barry Welsh IN6th District Democratic Congressional Candidate.

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