er, uh…..middle of the night and i’ve had a scotch or two.  this was supposed to be a comment to the front page ann coulter item by steven d, but it ran a bit long…..i post it now in a diary.
i was about to say that mizz coulter has become a non-issue to me, an embarrassing and vapid footnote on the repub side of the politicultural “wars”.
that is, until you said this:  “And if I were the Democrats (DNC, DCCC and DSCC) I would make her the face of the Republican Party in every campaign commercial in every race this Fall, and I’d have our candidates demanding at every opportunity that Republicans running for office denounce her openly and publicly.”

it’s unfortunately true that so very many repubs applaud her and her incindiary rhetoric.

i don’t think that we need to make an example of her, she’s already a charicature of herself.  we need to make an example of the repubs for buying into/supporting/encouraging her variety of delightedly uninformed vitriol.  more importantly, we need to denounce the vitriol itself (much more so than the talking head delivering it).

personally, i’d be happy to never hear from or about her again, but (unfortunately) she speaks the words that many on the right truly feel.  demonize her statements and attitudes (not her personally, although that’s pretty much like hitting water when you throw a cigarette butt off of a boat) and you demonize the opinions of the conservo-fascist right.  

many of the people who hold those opinions are not bad people, just misguided and malleable towards Faux news and the MSM (which, somehow, they erroneously perceive to be “liberal”).  

these citizens who don’t hold STRONG opinions yet let charlatans of dubious intellect like her FORM their opinions need to be reached.  we can’t alienate them by belittling the messengers they absorb ideas from, but we can reach them by belittling the MESSAGES they receive from these jokers.  mizz coulter is probably a top target in this respect.

so, go ahead and force her down my throat.  i won’t like it, but if it’s because we need to expose the slander and disingenuousness coming from the right, and if it will show a few of our fellow citizens the shallowness and lack of intellectual depth that the (barely) majority party wallows in like a wino at a bacchanalia, hell, i’ll even relish it.

you can’t change a single mind until you can show someone the unfortunate folly of their way of thinking.

jeez, perhaps showing some of our repub friends how closely their repub representatives and senators mirror her uninformed xenophobia will bring “thinking” and “reason” back in vogue.

we can only hope.

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