I have a Dream that one day Progressive Democrats, Greens and other left leaning Political Groups will join together in a united front to unseat Republican light politicans and to seat true Progressives even if it means voting against the Democrats to do it.  

I have a dream that an umbrella group will be started that will bring unity to all Progressive groups to work together and to beat back those who dare call themselves Christian Conservative Americans and to exhume far more power than the Right ever did.  
I have a dream that the Progressive Caucus will ensure that their members are honest and not involved with all the lobbyists that have tainted our political institutions and will exhume real leadership that the Democratic Party leadership never could do.  

I have a dream that we will choose who will respond for the Democrats and Progressives when need be.  Some of these Democrats who “represent” us are awful.  We need to attack them on the issues and quit the name calling and “stupid talk” that Conservative pundits use against us due to one person who cannot stay on message.  (this always comes back and hurts us in the end.)  

I have a dream that we will stick with the following message.  “ALl Americans want Universal Health care, good education, lower tution at all scools, more college loans and gratns, a lower deficit as well as lower trade deficit.  All Americans want to put a stop to our corporations going into foreign countries where they destroy the environment there, harrass and intimidate, as well as murder people.  All Americans want an International aggreement that for the US to do business with a country, they must have good human rights laws, environemtnal regulations, and livable wages for all as well as good health care and if corporations do not want to follow thes laws than they may not enter.  The American people also want to punish US comapnies that do leave but still call themselves US corporations.  Lastly, the Amercian people needs someone to stand up and cll the War on terror what it really is and that is another way for lobbyists and corporations to make money at the expense of American lives.

I have a dream

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