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Update [2006-2-9 11:14:34 by Hoppining Things]:

A couple of things :

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  * All comments in the diary will be deleted from time to time, to avoid overload.

  * This is a collaborative (but not hosted) diary – anyone who wants the password in order to help with updating, please email me – nanette at humanbeams dot com.

Please list any current or upcoming campaigns and/or events in comments. When the actual diaries start being posted for these things, they can be linked at that time.


Next BooBooks. . .

Sat., Feb. 11

We’ll be talking about, Lies My Teachers Told Me by James Loewen. Our comments section will be divided by chapters, so even if you’ve only read one chapter, there will be a place for you to talk!

submitted by Kansas

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SoCal MeetUp – Weekend of March 31st

Details here – submitted by alohaleezy

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