There’s a fascinating article in the Los Angeles Times about a Bruce Willis type of reporter. In fact, Willis may make a movie starring as Michael Yon, whose “name may not be a household name, but [who] emerged last year as the reporter of choice for many conservatives and supporters of the war. His blog inspired so much buzz that by last month only 83 other blogs, out of about 26 million on the Internet, received more links from other websites.” He’s back in the U.S. following a rancorous fight with the U.s. Army over a photograph of “Maj. Mark Bieger cradling a mortally wounded Iraqi girl, Farah, her tiny burned legs poking out from the blanket swaddling her body.” Pro-war or not, it’s a heck of a story … Some, like “Carl Prine of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, a National Guardsman and former Marine, saw platitudes, thin reporting and a lack of context in Yon’s work.”

Beauty and Sensuality: They’re always a welcome balm. Last night, I watched part 2 of PBS’s airing of the
American Ballroom Challenge. The series will be repeated on your local stations. Under WHEN TO WATCH in the right column, click “Check your local listings” to see the repeat times/dates. It’s exquisite, and sexy too (that Russian guy in the photo (left, midway down, with white formal shirt and untied tie). Grrr! And he was the most “into” his dance with his partner.). Interestingly, so many of the greatest dancers are young Russians who came to the U.S. OPEN THREAD!

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