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In the Pennsylvania Senate primary, check out Chuck Pennacchio, who is challenging the Democrat party’s annointed anti-choice Santorum lite candidate Bob Casey Jr. Pennacchio’s main disadvantage is lack of name recognition and money, but is precisely the sort of candidate who would fit in with the American Solidarity approach.
Bill Scheurer is running in the Illinois 8th Congressional District as an independent, challenging a first-term Democrat incumbent who has a record of voting with Republicans on a number of key pieces of legislation (e.g., bankruptcy bill, CAFTA, the revised draconian Patriot Act, etc.). Scheurer is also one of those cats who is serious about bringing troops home from the Iraq debacle.

Ciro Rodriguez is running in the Texas 28th Congressional District Democrat primary against incumbent Henry Cuellar. Rodriguez has been in Congress before, and seems to have a solid record as an antiwar and pro-labor candidate. Cuellar narrowly beat Rodriguez in the 2004 primary in the newly gerrymandered 28th district – so Rodriguez has a decent shot with some campaign funds and grassroots volunteering. Cuellar has a habit of often voting like a Republican and is one of Bu$hCo’s buddies. The other plus: there is no viable GOP candidate in the district – a Rodriguez victory would be a plus for progressives.

All three exemplify the sorts of politicians whom an American Solidarity coalition could readily get behind.

Pennacchio is a known quantity on the frogpond, but the others may not be as well-known at the moment. Check out their websites to get a better feel for who they are.

Also note that I am taking a rather catholic approach to finding supportable candidates – I’m neither writing off candidates merely because they have a D next to their name, nor embracing independents solely because they are independents. I’m merely looking at who would – if in office – best put forward a progressive agenda.

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