The bombing of mosques in Iraq is the logical result of Bush’s war against Hussein and his utterly idiotic and incompetent adventure in Iraq.  But Bush is so arrogant and so stupid and so incompetent that he still doesn’t get it.  He will truly go down in our history as the most worthless excuse of a President…..ever.  And that doesn’t even touch how much he has screwed up our country on the domestic front with his deficits and tax cut giveaways to the same people who are outsourcing American jobs.  Bush is the best President that Iran, India, Dubai, and Singapore ever had.

Here’s how Bush’s incompetence in Iraq has made us less safe.  

Remember Moqtada al Sadr.  When we invaded Iraq his Shi’ite militia numbered 600.  Now it is 12,000, and awash in  money from Iran.  In the spring of 2004 when the Provisional Authority wanted to reign in al Sadr, al Aadr actually choked off so much of the American supply line coming into Iraq from Kuwait that Paul Bremer actually considered putting all Americans in Baghdad on rations.  

When we leave Iraq, and I think for his craven political reasons Bush will have us out of there before November (maybe his lackeys will call him a traitor) Iraq will become a vassal of Iran.  But we will have created a democracy there, right?  Wrong.  It will be the next Islamic state.  All  those women and non religious Iraqi’s that Paul Wolfowitz wanted to liberate will be living with their version of the Taliban.  By the way, Moqtada says thanks George.

Bush says we went to war because Iraq has WMD’s.  Turns out he lied.  But as soon as Iran has their nuclear plants, we can count on Iraqi’s gaining access to WMD’s.  And we can’t do anything about Iran’s nuclear ambitions because Bush has buried our reputation under as much mud as their still exists in homes in the lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans because of the incompetence and arrogance of the same Dubya.  Iran knows we can’t do anything about their nuclear aspirations militarily either.

Our policies in Iraq are contradictory and amaterish.  The first guy Bush sent to Iraq, General Garner, began by using a lot of Baath party functionaries to run the nuts and  bolts of the country in the immediate aftermath of the U.S. takeover.  When Bush replaced him with Bremer, Bremer fired all those Baathists and abolished the Iraqi military.  Guess where all those out of work Shia grunts went? How did al Sadr’s militia grow from 600 to 12,000?  

How about this George, pick a policy and stick with it?  But Bush didn’t just not pick a policy.  He didn’t get involved at all.  He appointed the same kind of incompetent lackeys as Brownie at FEMA and then went to the ranch. He is a complete and utter disaster as a leader.

When Bush spouted that hindsight is not wisom and second guessing is not a strategy I almost barfed.  Bush is not wise and he certainly never had a strategy for winning in Iraq; his strategy is to Nazify America.  He did nothing to give direction to the people planning the Iraq disaster and as a result he is personally, as President and as a human being, responsible for the incredibly number of dead and maimed Americans and Iraqis.  He will surely burn in hell for it.  God forgive me, I truly hope so.

An absolute must read for anyone interested in Iraq is “The Mess” in the New York Review of Books.  Here’s a link.

Here’s a great part of that review.

In his State of the Union address, President Bush told his Iraq critics, “Hindsight is not wisdom and second-guessing is not a strategy.” His comments are understandable. Much of the Iraq fiasco can be directly attributed to Bush’s shortcomings as a leader. Having decided to invade Iraq, he failed to make sure there was adequate planning for the postwar period. He never settled bitter policy disputes among his principal aides over how postwar Iraq would be governed; and he allowed competing elements of his administration to pursue diametrically opposed policies at nearly the same time. He used jobs in the Coalition Provisional Authority to reward political loyalists who lacked professional competence, regional expertise, language skills, and, in some cases, common sense. Most serious of all, he conducted his Iraq policy with an arrogance not matched by political will or military power.

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