CBS News has a new poll that shows Our Leader has fallen to a 34% approval rating. Cheney has a rating of 18%. The consequences of this are already becoming evident as the Moonie Times reports that Cheney may retire after the midterms and MSNBC reports:

The unease within the Republican party was apparent from interviews with more than a dozen governors over the weekend, including nearly half of the Republicans attending the winter meeting of the National Governors Association.

It appears that Bush’s solid 39% has cracked in the face of Cheney’s shooting accident and the controversy of the Dubai ports deal.

This reminds me that no matter how closely you pay attention it is impossible to predict how the American public will respond to events.

I thought that maybe the public would get upset by evidence that we are fighting a war under false pretenses or that the government is spying on us without a court order or some one of 10,000 other issues that have been reported on in the news or in the papers. But apparently shooting people in the face and engaging in normal negotiations about corporate takeovers are more important. So be it.

One thing I am pretty sure about…at 34% and 18% respectively, Bush and Cheney don’t have any more cushion. The next shoe to drop, be it the indictment of Rove or something unexpected, will be ever more difficult to weather.

I’m glad the American people are finally catching on. I just wish it didn’t take this much effort. And this much failure and damage and …

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