Because, if we’re already at war, Bush won’t need Congressional authorization when he attacks. Is that it?

CAVUTO: But what if I told you it is too late, that we’re already probably at war with Iran and most of us don’t even know it. Welcome everybody, I’m Neil Cavuto, and this is Your World.

No Neil, this is our collective nightmare. I’m continually amazed at how anxious the cable nets, but especially Fox, are to hype the next war, even as they downplay the seriousness of the current one. I guess all that “bombs bursting” and “rockets’ red glare” video really helps the old ratings. But is that what we’ve become as a people: addicts for images of “it blowed up real good?”

Speaking of blowing stuff up, here’s the latest warmongering fantasy about Iran circulating in the foreign press:

Jerusalem, March 21: The United States can wipe out Iran’s nuclear programme in two days using bunker-buster bombs and other weapons to carry out the operation, a former senior CIA operative who led the search for Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan in late 2001 has said.

“We can take care of it in a couple of days with air strikes and they wouldn’t be able to stop us. It wouldn’t be difficult to plan. There would be some dangers but I think the United States can do it,” Gary Berntsen, who left the CIA in June last year after more than 20 years of service told The Jerusalem Post “We can dig those things out. We can destroy them,” Bernsten said in an interview to the daily.

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Ah yes, this time it will be better. Only a 2 day war. Under those circumstances why not bomb them, eh? We might kill a few thousand innnocent Iranians in the process, but what the hey. It’s not like they matter to anyone. As John Derbyshire of National Review Online notes, while speaking about the sectarian strife in Iraq, they’re only muslims, after all:

One doesn’t want to be accused of inhuman callousness; but I am willing to confess, and believe I speak for a lot of [Americans] that the spectacle of Middle Eastern Muslims slaughtering each other is one that I find I can contemplate with calm composure.

By the way, anyone who thinks an attack on Iran doesn’t risk a wider conflict should have their head examined. Besides the support given to Iran by Russia and China in the UN Security Council discussions, Pakistan has now made it very clear that it opposes the military option as a solution to Iran’s nuclear program:

ISLAMABAD, March 21 (Xinhua) — Pakistani Foreign Minister Kasuri Tuesday reiterated his country’s position that a peaceful solution should be found to the Iranian nuclear issue and that Pakistan also supported the Iran-EU dialogue on this issue.

While talking with his Iranian counterpart Manocher Mottakiy by phone, the Pakistani foreign minister said that Pakistan was opposed to the use of force and favored a diplomatic resolution to this crisis, according to a foreign office statement.

During the talks, it said, the two ministers discussed matters of bilateral and mutual interest including the latest developments with regard to the Iranian nuclear issue.

“As a friend of Iran, Pakistan wanted the situation to be defused and that all concerned parties should play their role in achieving this objective,” the statement quoted Kasuri as saying.

You remember Pakistan don’t you. Our faithful ally in the Greater War on Terror who is now refusing to root out Al Queda and Taliban elements in its Western provinces for fear of what that might lead to with respect to its own political situation.

Well-placed sources in the Taliban movement who spoke to Asia Times Online claim that the Taliban communicated “final messages” to Afghan and Pakistani officials, warning of direct attacks across both countries against top army and civilian officials. As a result, according to the sources, Pakistan stopped military operations in North and South Waziristan that were aimed at rooting out Taliban and foreign forces.

The same Pakistan that has nuclear weapons, and has admittedly given assistance to Iran’s nuclear program in the past. A Pakistan one bullet in Musharref’s skull away from handing those nukes over to Islamic fundamentalists dedicated to jihad against the unbelievers, people who hate our guts with a fierce, militant passion.

Makes me really anxious everytime I think of our beloved Leader donning his Commnader-in-Chief hat again to send the cavalry to the rescue USAF and Navy warplanes and missiles against Iran’s nuclear facilities. This is the same gang that got everything wrong in Iraq. What makes anyone think they’ll do a better job when it comes to taking on Iran? What makes anyone think they have a clue as to what could happen should they decide to unleash the hounds of our military against a second Middle Eastern, oil rich state?

I sure don’t. Do you?

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