Welcome back!

This week we will be starting an entirely new project.  I am a huge fan of the winter olympic games (I am a boarder) and was able to find some great photos on the internet.  (I’m actually hoping to attend the 2010 games.)  I had originally intended to use one of these as a desktop at work.  But then I had the idea of painting one of these photos.  The photo that I will paint is seen below.

It is a photo of the skier Bode Miller during one of his events.  Though Bode was the subject of perhaps a bit too much hype, there is no doubt that this photo is a nice action shot.  (And of course, Bode did win 2 silver medals in 2002.)  After so many southwestern scenes this seemed a good and healthy change and a new kind of challenge.  I am not normally a painter of figures.

The painting, in its current state, is seen below.

I have been very careful in the placement of the figure on the canvas.  Somehow I was able to avoid having Bode too close to one side.  ( or cutting off his feet!)  I am very pleased so far and look forward to working on this piece in the coming weeks.  I hope that you will also find this interesting.  It is a distinct diversion from my usual practice.

See you next week when Bode will become somewhat less transparent.  (I’ll have made sure to reduce the photo size for us dial-up folk.)

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