Ian Welsh asks a question and gives us his answer

What’s Harry Reid done for you lately? Was he there on Roberts? What about Alito? Could he bothered to even rally enough Dems to come close to a filibuster on the man who pioneered Presidential signing statements and who has perjured himself in front of Congress in the past? (Of course, since Reid is a pro-life conservative who thinks forced child birth is wonderful I wouldn’t expect him to try and stop Alito because women could lose the right to safe, legal abortions.)

Let me tell you the advice I’d give Nancy Pelosi – do one spectacular piece of theater for the netroots, once, like Reid, and you you can cruise on that and betray them when it really matters, and they’ll suck it up and kiss your butt. I’m guessing one good piece of theater is probably good for a year or so of free passes on real issues. Give them their theater, then sell them down the river.

Then Nicholas Beaudrot, who hosts Seattle’s weekly Drinking Liberally gatherings and did the leg work for Friday’s Markos-Armstrong show at the Labor Temple, offers this comment on the post: Reid’s caucus members are much more conservative than Pelosi, so she “doesn’t have the same excuses.”

Talk among yourselves.

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