In honor of Earth Day, watch TV tonight! More specifically, watch the global warming documentary TOO HOT NOT TO HANDLE on HBO. It airs tonight, 4/22 at 7 PM and will be re-shown throughout the week. My wife, Joy, was interviewed for this show, though we don’t know if the footage of her made it into the show.
Here is the HBO blurb on the show:

Heat waves. Catastrophic storms. Migrating viruses. All are potentially deadly effects of global warming. Over the past 100 years, the mass consumption of fossil fuels has contributed to global warming–an issue that promises to do far greater damage if we continue to ignore it. Executive produced by environmental activist Laurie David, this cautionary film offers a guide to the impacts of global warming on the U.S.–and the measures that can be taken to reduce this threat.

My wife and I won’t even be able to watch it tonight because we don’t get HBO, but we can pay to watch it On Demand starting tomorrow. So you may know whether she is in it before she does!

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