Chinook Helicopter Crash With 10 Men On Board In Kunar Province

Ten military personnel have been killed after a US helicopter crashed while on combat operations in eastern Afghanistan. The CH-47 Chinook crashed near Asadabad – capital of of Kunar province. The incident was not caused by enemy fire, the US military has said.

“The CH-47 was conducting operations on a mountain top landing zone when the crash occurred,” the US military said in a statement.

… In June last year, an MH-47 – a special forces version of the CH-47 – was shot down during an anti-guerrilla mission in Kunar province, killing all 16 US troops on board.

Troops Feared Dead In Basra Crash

A British helicopter has crashed in Basra, with the Ministry of Defence confirming there are “casualties”.
Police in the southern Iraqi city said the aircraft had crashed into a house after being hit by a rocket.

The MoD said there were casualties but could give no further details. Iraqi firefighters told Reuters news agency they had seen four bodies at the scene.

British soldiers deployed in the city sealed off the area as hundreds of Iraqis rushed to see the incident.

It is thought the chopper landed
on a two-storey house

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