I saw an ocean of dead white people
with undescended testicles
afraid to let go
of their rigor mortis

It was hard to watch
because my own corpse
floated among the dead
clenched tightly around
the bloated genitalia
of the believers

people are very resourceful
in the most destructive sense
of the word
We murder the future
at our leisure
We resurrect a dead savior
every Sunday
to murder Him again
on Monday

Repetition brings the greatest comfort
to a humanity
obsessed with diddling
each other unto death do us part

We build walls
We tear down walls
We will tunnel under your triple strength walls
and piss into your listening wind

We reject your craveness
Your anti intellect
bleeds through cankers
on your brain
a brain filled to the brim
with caucasian amnesia

You can kill our children
and demilitarize your mythology
all in the same sentence

Why not?
You are already dead
and there is no future
for anybody
because you are not included

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