Will someone please try to explain to me why the plan being proposed by Republicans and a few misguided Democrats to offer $100 rebates to, as Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist said, ” help ease the pain that they’re feeling at the pump,” is not simply another major taxpayer subsidy to Big Oil?

These are federal dollars that have been gouged from our pockets by an unholy alliance of Big Oil and laissez faire Republican Government. Now, rather than institute conservation measures or put our dollars to work developing other fuel sources we are asked to borrow more money from the treasury to further enrich the already obscenely bloated oiligarchs of the corporate criminal world.

Since gas has risen in recent months it makes sense to drive less, not more. We need self imposed conservation measures on our gas guzzling culture, and quickly. If increased demand is what is encouraging the international petroleum pirates to stick their hands ever deeper in our pockets, we need to reduce our consumption not borrow money to assist them in their theft. If we drive ten percent less we will put less money in these bastard’s pockets, if we reduce our highway speed by ten percent we will put money in our own pockets and help to reduce the carnage on our highways. If we have a federal government that is too corrupt to take the lead on energy as I believe they are it is up to the citizenry to take the lead.

A return to some of the measures used in the past such as a national speed limit and real tax incentives for energy savings would bring about instant results. A national program aimed at reducing individual consumption is required. There is a great amount that each individual can do to conserve energy through the application of simple common sense and it is time to encourage the public to pay attention and turn off the lights.

I don’t think that finding solutions to the “energy crises” requires great thinkers or rocket scientists, instead I believe, that short term solutions are right under our noses and involve common sense and conservation and that long term solutions will involve using the economic leverage of the taxpaying and energy consuming public to force these oil giants to invest in more responsible methods of supplying kilowatts and miles per gallon.

I find it absurd that the Congress would think that we are a nation of hundred dollar hookers, so short sighted as to sell the economic and environmental future of our country as if we were taking out a second mortgage to purchase some unnecessary extravagance. John Stewart pointed out last week that a Democratic Congresswoman wanted to raise the ante to $500 which at least makes us higher class hookers, but hookers nonetheless.

If the revenue were coming directly from the pockets of the oil industry in the form of fines or other sanctions for their criminality, and involved no future penalties for the consumer I would applaud it and gladly accept the return of some of my money, however, such is not the case. From my point of view this is a major boondoggle for the oil criminals and a net loser for the taxpaying and driving public.

The only real power we have is to say no by driving less, slowing down, and voting out of office those “public servants” who collude with the criminal corporate class in this country.

Bob Higgins
Worldwide Sawdust

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