Oh, I’m going to do such a despicable thing yet again. Something that upsets ‘sensible’ people, political pundits in particular.

I’m class-bashing yet again. Just like the upcoming vote of a federal marriage amendment, just how many people are out there screaming and fighting for a repeal of the federal estate tax? Yep, it’s gotta be the #1 issue inflaming our country. There are people lining the streetcorners of every town and city demanding for relief. Look for a million person march sometime soon.

Now…back to reality.
The Public Citizen organization back in late April exposed some of the mega-wealthy of American families who are actually behind the upcoming Republican efforts to eliminate yet another ankle-biting nuisance of their fiefdoms. In particular, 18 families of spectacular weath, including those owning Wal-Mart, Gallo wine, Campbell’s soup, Mars Inc. and others, are splaying propaganda/misinformation about that they are headed to the proverbial soup kitchen unless provided with relief. The ‘upper crust’ will be reduced to surviving on bread crusts, not even cake from Marie Antoinette’s.

Oh, not that these financial aristocrats feel strongly enough about this to stand front and center and share their concerns. No, it’s the typical use of backchannels, propaganda and false fronts.

Read the Public Citizen announcement of all this dirty-dealing: http://tinyurl.com/zb4ju  

To read the official Public Citizen and United For A Fair Economy report, “Spending Millions To Save Billions,” go here: http://tinyurl.com/njtta

And please send your pennies, nickels, whatever you can afford to Relief For Beleaguered Billionaires, P.O. Box…. because wealth is a terrible thing to waste.

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