Utopia, n.,, An ideally perfect place, especially in its social, political, and moral aspects.

The world has never seen what a liberal one looks like.  

The world has never seen what can happen when the Common Good is emphasized over the Power of Elites, while maintaining a capitalist system and freedom of innovation.

The world has never seen what can happen when racism is completely eliminated.

the world has never seen what can happen when the stain of religious intolerance has been wiped clean.

The world has never seen what can happen when military is only used to keep the peace and prevent brutality, instead of to prop up evil dictators and corporatist regimes.

The world has never seen what can happen when government is completely transparent.

The world has never seen these things because it requires people to appeal to the better angels of their nature–and because our basest instincts are easy to appeal to for political gain by corrupt elites.

The world HAS seen, however, what “Conservative” Utopia looks like.  We don’t have to guess about that.
The world has seen what a nation looks like where:

the government does not regulate business;

where the government’s primary responsibility is enforcement of public morality;

where local control is prioritized over federal control;

where taxes are virtually nonexistent;

where every citizen not only has the right to, but DOES carry a gun–in public;

where military spending is over 90% of the budget;

where the only social safety net is through religious organizations;

where the nation’s leaders claim authority straight from God, and rely solely on religious doctrine for their legal authority;

where women’s obligation is to bear children and be subservient to their husbands, with no access to abortion;

where public education does not exist, and is restricted solely to private and homeschool–usually religious;

where foreigners are viewed with deep suspicion;

where all other priorities are sacrificed at the altar of military victory;

where “indecent art” is not tolerated by the government;

and where “pre-emptive strikes” are not only tolerated, but encouraged.

We have already SEEN what that looks like.  We don’t have to guess.

It looks like AFGHANISTAN, PRE-9/11.  It looks like THIS.


So next time a “Conservative” like Ann Coulter tells you to just pack up and leave the country if you don’t like the way George Bush does things, tell him or her this: I’m not leaving.  You already HAVE a country to go to that believes in your ideology.  Go there.  I’m still trying to create one that believes in mine–and so was Thomas Jefferson.

Tell them, in other words, to go to hell.  Because their hell already exists on earth.

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