A small but happy group of Michigan BooTribbers have chosen their meet up date and would love it if any of you could join us.

The date is (trumpets blaring)  Sunday, August 13 at 1:00 P.M.  We will meet at Kensingston Metro Park , about 34-40 minutes northwest of Detroit.

So far, we have me, Kidspeak, keepinon, and emjw (I think).  It sounds like people will be bringing family members.  We’ll be in a great park and I’m pretty sure that the food will be delicious.
Sadly, the league leading Detroit Tigers will be out of town, but should you care to visit our fair state, you can have an international experience.  How often can you go away for the weekend and tell people at work on Monday that you went out of the country for the weekend?  You’ll sound just like a jet-setter.

If you are a Michigander who can join the party and I didn’t include your name above, just let me know.

Please recommend this at least for a little while, so all interested parties can see it.

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