So in Hungary yesterday thousands of people attacked the state TV station because it broadcast lies by the Hungarian Prime Minister.

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Meanwhile, Bush has been PROVEN a liar about five hundred times over and Americans do nothing whatsoever to U.S. state TV.

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Do nothing except of course turn it on and eat junk food while being hypnotized into eating MORE junk food.

Of the mind, soul AND body.

What the FUCK is wrong with us?




And…wake the fuck up.

The rest of the world is.

Bet on it.




Hear that?

It’s the NAM alarm clock.

The Non-Aligned Nations. Also known as the Third World. As in “Third World War.”

Wake the fuck up.

They are BRINGING it!!!

Sooner than you could possibly imagine.

“UH OH, Luke!!! Them injuns got repeating rifles now!!!”

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