Joel S. Hirschhorn (Under the name of populist) recently wrote a diary  called Neo-Progressives. (Cross-posted on My Left Wing.) In it he makes some valid points, but the name of the book he recently published…”Delusional Democracy – Fixing the Republic Without Overthrowing the Government”…leads me to believe that he may be on the wrong tack. I am not at all convinced that things CAN be changed in this country without at least radically altering the system if not “overthrowing” it.

And here are the statements that most stuck in my craw when I read this post.

As Ralph Nader and, more recently, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. have emphasized, Democrats are also huge disappointments when it comes to serving the interests of working- and middle-class Americans. I am terrified that a Democrat-controlled House might actually give the business sector what they want – continued massive illegal immigration. Any progressive that thinks millions more low-wage immigrants serve the interests of working- and middle-class American CITIZENS is misguided.

Duke 1676 wrote a reply titled I have to call bullshit on this one, and provided a long list of links to studies and articles that do not support the current right-wing meme that low income immigrants are ruining America.

Read on for my agreement with duke 1676.
I call bullshit with you, Duke.

The HEART of this election…and the coming history of the US, while we are at it…lies in whether we continue to be an open society or not.

On all the evidence of my senses…street senses, which I trust a thousand times more than the findings of any academics, the results of any polls, or so-called “figures” of any kind…I support the browning of America as its only and last hope for survival.

The true “American” spirit…the one that I am old enough to have witnessed and remember, the one of upwardly striving families, of dreams and goals and hard work and a general respect for others, the one of faith in something higher, the one of belief in the ongoing evolution of man, the so-called “Protestant work ethic” that in reality existed in EVERY ethnic group that either came here out of economic desperation or was shanghaied here in the name of racist “progress”…that spirit survives in large numbers of only one major population bloc here in America today.

The Hispanic population of the United States. Particularly the Mexican/Central American population.

If Mr. Hirschhorn can write “I am terrified that a Democrat-controlled House might actually give the business sector what they want – continued massive illegal immigration. Any progressive that thinks millions more low-wage immigrants serve the interests of working- and middle-class American CITIZENS is misguided”,  then I mistrust the rest of his conclusions as well. (Although I do love the “neo-prog” term, and will continue to use it.)

Even his choice of a handle…”populist”…is compromised by those very words.


populist: 1 : a member of a political party claiming to represent the common people; especially often capitalized  (—snip—)
2 : a believer in the rights, wisdom, or virtues of the common people

The “interests of working- and middle-class American citizens” appear to me to be almost entirely dictated by the hypno-media of America, and bounded by the acquisition of more, more, more at the expense of anyone and everyone who is not “them.”

Sometimes more IS less.

I just spent a week in Houston, Texas, and baby…ain’t hardly ANYBODY doing a lick of real work there except the so-called “millions of low-wage immigrants.” We need MORE of them, not less.

Rather than see a closing of the borders, I would like to see them OPENED. In fact, if there was any way to encourage a mass exodus of the so-called middle class and the criminal classes that exist on either side of it (Above AND below), I would heartily encourage such a movement. What Castro managed to do in Cuba…first dump all the owner classes on the US immediately after the revolution when they fled in fear of a “populist” country and then later when he got rid of the criminal classes by opening the prisons and flushing them onto Florida…is precisely the reason that his little country still stands as a beacon of resistance and hope for the entire Southern Hemisphere of the Americas after 50+ years of active resistance to the aims and policies of racist, economically imperialist  America.

Get RID of the excrescence we laughingly call “America” today. Get RID of the 30 miles of bad food, bad stores and bad businesses that line the sides of freeways like I-10 in Houston. Get RID of the ugly middle class suburbs that squat like toadstools on every piece of available land and cast their spores and SUVs ever outward from every existing metropolitan center of America. Get RID of it and bring in people who are willing to do a day’s work for a day’s pay once more. People who are ready to see their sons and daughters climb upward in ways other than spiraling credit ratings and the ownership of ever less useful “things.”    

Let what is really left of working and middle class America…of ALL races…stay and join in the battle for a REAL America. Not an America built on usury and advertising, but one built on a true belief in the perfectibility of mankind.

Will this happen?

Not easily, and not peacefully, either. The whole system will have to collapse first, and I do not know if “America” as we know it…the 48 contiguous states, etc….will survive a fall of that kind. But we cannot continue as we are now. Or rather…we CAN continue on our progressive decline until we die in a nuclear holocaust, because the end result of the economic imperialism that is absolutely necessary to maintain the gluttonous arc of our society in the face of increasingly active resistance from those from whom we steal in order to be able to grow progressively more grotesquely obese will BE the use of nuclear weapons.

First small nukes…”tactical” nukes…and then when the initial horror and outrage wears off (Blunted by the mass media, as it blunts every other real emotion) …large ones.

Bet on it.

Choose now.

Up or down.

White or brown. (Black, Brown and Beige, actually.)

Your choice.

Racism is the Original Sin of America.

Expiate it or die.

Your choice.

The Browning of America.

Do you believe in free enterprise? In direct competition in the marketplace?

Then OPEN the borders of America.

Tighten your belts, put your work gloves on, and…




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