Over 784,000 persons, probably Americans, are finally breaking through the US-Israeli propaganda machine concerning the truth about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the reality on the ground and Israel’s attempt to annex the West Bank. They have watched Peace, Propaganda, & The Promised Land.

Distinguishing propaganda from reality is a forte of Noam Chomsky, one of the participants, but others like Robert Fisk, a British journalist, and Arik Ascherman, founder of Rabbis for Human Rights, and others, are similarly enlightening. If you haven’t seen this documentary, you could still be suffering from the cloak of propaganda that has clouded the minds of Americans for years. Take a look and make up your own mind.

Peace, Propaganda, & The Promised Land (with Noam Chomsky, Robert Fisk, Arik Ackerman, founder of Rabbis for Human Rights, and many others)


Alison Weir, a california journalist who founded, If Americans Knew, has also provided a film on this propaganda effort by Israel to censor and distort information from the Palestinian territories, with data. Particularly informative is number of deaths of Palestinian children shot in the head prior to any suicide bombings in Israel during the Second Intifada.

Off The Charts: Media Bias and Censorship in America


Interview: Jeff Halper (founder of Israeli Committee Against House Demolition (ICAHD) is another film that helps to clear the mind. Dr. Halper is a professor of anthropology at Ben Gurion University in Israel.


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