Suppose the polls prove right and the worries about another stolen election prove wrong. The Dems take back at least the House.
Then what?
In the event of what some are calling The Blue Revolution, 2 questions:
1) Are progressives really ready for the Republicans’ specious but well-organized assault on the legitimacy of the election? The foundation has already been laid, with the “investigation” into Hugo Chavez’s so-called “ties” to Smartmatic / Sequoia electonic voting machines.

2) Suppose the Republican attempt to de-legitimize the incoming Democratic Congress fails. What should be progressives’ top priority? Pressure the new congress for: (A) immediate withdrawal from Iraq? (B) Impeachment? (C) Other?

The liberal/left blogosphere helps set the tone, helps influence elections. Can it set the 2007-2008 agenda?
(Also, c’mon: Don’t be put off by the blog’s title. It’s only satire, kids.)

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