Via The New York Times:

WASHINGTON, Dec. 14 — Representative Nancy J. Pelosi, soon to be speaker of the House, said today that she will create a new panel to oversee spending on intelligence and enable lawmakers to better determine whether the money is being spent wisely. […]

The new unit will be called the Select Intelligence Oversight Panel and be composed of members of the House Intelligence and Appropriations committees, Ms. Pelosi said at a news conference. “Its purpose is to protect the American people with the best possible intelligence, recognizing the role that Congress plays in all of this,” Ms. Pelosi said.

Oversight? Making sure our tax dollars are spent wisely? What a concept!

“I have always been for more openness when it comes to the intelligence matters, budget and otherwise,” Ms. Pelosi said. She agreed that some intelligence information must be closely guarded, but that “there are many things that all members of Congress could have access to.”

If she’s not careful someone’s going to accuse her of being in league with the Islamofascists. Oh, wait. My bad. Someone has already done that. Being as that’s the case, you might as well do this, Nancy. After the first thousand times of being called a traitor to your country, it doesn’t hurt as much. Desensitization kicks in, doncha know.

Besides, I’m sure our liberal media has got your back:

Democrats have appeared divided at times over how aggressively to challenge the administration on its terrorism policies, in part because of concerns that they risked playing into Republican accusations that they were soft on terrorism.

Expect lot’s and lot’s of fair and balanced reporting by the mainstream news media regarding Pelosi’s proposal for a select panel to provide oversight over the intelligence community. I for one can’t wait to hear what Tom DeLay, Newt Gingrich and Senator “The Last Honest Man” Lieberman think about this idea. I’m sure those will be very, very wise thoughts indeed.

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