The lobby of the Holiday Inn at 6th and C is filled with war protestors. They are unfurlinging their flags and banners, putting on their war paint, and sipping massive caffe mochas. The weather outside is nippy but not too cold. We’re across the street from the Department of Education, which has a series of incongruous wooden red schoolhouses built out of the base of the building. Each schoolhouse has a sign that says ‘No Child Left Behind’. It’s pathetic.

Out on the street the Iraq War Veterans Against the War are milling about in full battle fatigues. There is a marine in jogging gear that is running around muttering ‘Marines for Bush…Marines for Bush.” It gets a chuckle from most everyone.

Man Eegee left his phone whereever he stayed last night. It’s going to make it hard to find his ass, but we’ll figure it out. Supersoling is on his way and ejmw is already ensconsed in his room.

I have a giant orange hat with a massive pom-pom on top. It should attract Kossacks like flies.

It’s almost time to march on the White House.

The Saturday Washington Post has no mention of the looming protest. It’s headline says, “Bush Defies Lawmakers to Solve Iraq: Gates Says Doubts Bolster Enemy”. So, we’re out to bolster the enemy? Thank you Sec. Gates, thank you Washington Post.

Meanwhile, the WP editorial board continues to offer up the rankest anti-Chavez propaganda, calling him a totalitarian, and issueing a warning.

The mini-bloc of Latin outliers poses little threat to the United States or the region’s overall stability. But even as their neighbors consolidate democratic institutions and unprecedented prosperity, the people of Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and Cuba may be headed for a miserable year.

Really? A miserable year? Pray tell. Why might that be? After all, you just admitted they pose ‘little threat’, so why should we make them miserable?

Maybe we should march on the Washington Post when we’re done with the White House.

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