Pentagon to set up new command in Africa (AP)

Defense Secretary Robert Gates testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2007, before the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on funding for the war in Iraq. (AP Photo/Dennis Cook)
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 WASHINGTON — Africa has moved up significantly in the Bush administration’s global game-planning. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Tuesday the Pentagon will set up a new command to oversee its operations there.

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More below.

“The preznit  has decided to stand up a new unified combatant command, Africa Command, to oversee security, cooperation, building partnership capability, defense support to nonmilitary missions, and, if directed, military operations on the African continent,” Gates told a congressional hearing on the defense spending that Bush proposed Monday for budget year 2008, which starts in October.

“This command will enable us to have a more effective and integrated approach than the current arrangement of dividing Africa between Central Command and European Command, an outdated arrangement left over from the Cold War,” Gates said.


The various types of operations are aimed at building partnerships and strengthening the ability of African governments and militaries to do their jobs. The hope is that the activities will make nations there less vulnerable to the recruiting efforts of terrorists and help catch those already using it as a safe haven.


The war for dominance in the Arabic/Islamic Northern Africa/Western Asian theater is as good as lost.

Time to retrench.

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We kin win the war in Africa.


Blitzkrieg, American style.

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