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I’ve been banned from dailykos (it happened back on February 22). I haven’t been told why (with all that implies or does not imply (other than that kos is busy and I’m a nobody)).

However, my guess is I ‘defended’ Hillary from Republican-style attacks a little too well. See here for the fun: http://www.dailykos….. I think the following, modestly, is one of my exemplary diaries on the topic: North of Florida takes a few swings at Hillary.

I understand that a single frontpager can ban a dailykos contributor, so I wasn’t exactly invulnerable. No one (unfamous) who posts at dailkos is.

(And not that there aren’t other possible reasons for my banning: I was apparently on the other side of organized banning campaigns by probably hired hand pro-Likud kossacks).

Again, I’m not a ‘Hillary person’ but I think she should be attacked for her positions on things that really matter. (Just for example, for her belligerent stance toward Iran.) Not for refusing to say “I’m sorry I didn’t know then what I know now.” (Not to make light of this issue, I do think Hillary showed poor judgment back in 2002. But that’s a pretty common occurrence among politicians, I just generally don’t expect politicians to publicly acknowledge they’ve shown poor judgment, and I don’t think this is a particularly big deal, in the real 2007 we’re dealing with.)

My conclusion is that Dailykos is right now basically an Edwards-Obama campaign site. 64% of respondents to a March 14-15 kos poll pegged one of those two as their favorites. Hillary got 3%. I have nothing against either of those guys, but a campaign site is not a place to have a conversation.

Nor is it a place to ‘be yourself’, which is a fundamental reason why I post and diary.

In the end, I want to make my banning dailykos’s loss. And I think this is the attitude all my fellow ‘bannees’ should take. I’ll just keep on keeping on and not change a damn thing about my style or content. It looks like boomantribune is a good place to do that.

It’s nice to be here.

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