So here is Butch.

In Press Conference/Serve mode.

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We will not go along with a partisan fishing expedition aimed at honorable public servants.

The initial response by Democrats, unfortunately, shows some appear more interested in scoring political points than in learning the facts. It will be regrettable if they choose to head down the partisan road of issuing subpoenas and demanding show trials when I have agreed to make key White House officials and documents available. I have proposed a reasonable way to avoid an impasse. I hope they don’t choose confrontation. I will oppose any attempts to subpoena White House officials.


I dare ya!!!

Your serve, motherfuckers. Wanna take on the Preznit?

I DOUBLE dare ya!!!


Because Cheney/Bush thinks it can win.


Because it MUST win or go down in flames.

REAL flames.

Like prison time or worse.

Because its back is up against the wall.

Chances of winning?

Complicated, but not all that bad.

Long term.

Considering the various possible definitions of the word “win”, of course.

Read on for more.
Ina recent My Left Wing post Impeachment on a Silver Platter–No Strings Attached!, thereisnospoon wrote:

…they cannot POSSIBLY avoid impeachment proceedings unless Democrats in congress show a complete lack of spine.

And there it is.

That is the bet.

That the fix is in deep enough.

That enough Dems are closet Liebermans.

That enough Dems are demonstrably complicit in the same or equal crimes.

That there are enough of them who are willing to go along in order to get along.

That they have the lowdown on enough Dems to influence some votes. Also known as political blackmail. Remember, these are the same people who used a honeytrap/blowjob scenario to try to topple a sitting President.

That enough of the media are still sufficiently controlled to bend public opinion in their favor. Controlled by the remaining PermaGov forces that continue to be allied with BushCo.

And that they can stonewall, use the mechanisms of government, and in any other possible ways delay this thing until it is too late. Until the next campaign is well under way or over.

On the hope that they can manage to get a Dem in the White House who will play ball. (The idea of re-electing a RatPub is done. Bet on it.The next Ratpub candidate will be a designated loser. Like Kerry/Gore. But the Tastes Great/Less Calories hustle, the Plan A/Plan B shell game is a classic political ploy. The DemocRatpublican Party. Get a compliant Dem in there and let him/her smooth things over.

If they don’t get mousetrapped by someone slicker than they are.)

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We shall see.

These people face war crimes charges, folks.


Death sentences if everything ever comes out.

Bet on it.

This is the ultimate hardball.

They CANNOT surrender.

And they will not.

The game is now on BIG time.

Life or death.

For the criminals in presently in power AND for America.

We shall see…

They apparently cannot use the military. That has been over since the Marines said…”Uhhhh…no, Mr. Preznit. We will NOT go back into Fallujah again.” and instead pulled back into their armed camp and watched.

About two years ago.

Since Big Boy Murtha served as the Generals’ ventriloquist’s dummy.

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“Nope!!!” (t)he(y) said.

“You blew it. We are through playing your game.”

There are MANY factions of the Intel services that are their sworn enemies. Witness that bullshit Plame/Wilson counterhustle last week. (I would love to see the results of that supposedly new aural lie detector device as applied to Valerie Plame’s testimony. My own personal bullshit meter has been going off the dial every time I see Joe Wilson on TV for a couple of years now, and it did the same thing with Plame. That whole deal just REEKS of Spy/Counterspy in the flesh.)

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Witness Richard Clark. Witness the CIA posters on the left blogs.

We shall soon see.

Tennis, anyone?


How about a Constitutional Crisis?

The War Against Tennisism.





We shall see.


P.S. Where is McEnroe when you really need him?

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