When I was a child I was a big fan of game shows. I liked a lot of them. I liked Family Feud, The Gong Show, The Joker’s Wild, The Price is Right, The $20,000 Pyramid, The Match Game, The Newlywed Show, Tic Tac Dough, Wheel of Fortune, and Jeopardy. As I grew older I stopped watching game shows. I still occasionally watch Jeopardy and I find The Price is Right strangely comforting if I have the flu or something. It reminds me of days I stayed home sick from school. But, overall, I’ve outgrown the game show genre. My maturity will be sorely tested, however, by a new show starring Tucker Carlson. (Via Cliff Schecter).

Conservative pundit-turned-MSNBC anchor Tucker Carlson is launching yet another new career: gameshow host.

Carlson has been tapped to host “Do You Trust Me?,” the quizzer format Phil Gurin (“The Weakest Link”) is piloting for CBS (Daily Variety, March 14). Format revolves around strangers forced to put their trust in one another.

Do you trust Tucker Carlson? Not if you’re the headmaster of St. George’s School. Tucker is such a bad-boy that he failed to graduate from Trinity College because he was so dedicated to ping-pong and touring with the Grateful Dead. Then he was recruited into the Right-Wing welfare club, sent to Little Rock to dog the Clintons, and eventually promoted to the big leagues.

I can understand. Tucker is about four months older than I am. I also had some problems with my headmaster at a New England boarding school, saw over seventy Dead shows, and took my time graduating from college. I played my fair share of ping-pong, not to mention foosball. But my stepmother wasn’t the heiress of the Swanson food empire, and I was never offered a job by rich Republicans. I was not invited onto Dancing with the Stars, and I never got into wearing bow-ties. Tucker Carlson is like my alter-ego…the ego I would have had if I was a total sell-out weasel.

How can I resist watching his game show? I can’t wait.

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