The NRA and its running dog apologists in Congress and the media will spend a lot of time today asking “Why”.  “Why” is a useless and totally bogus question.  At Columbine, we asked “Why”.  At Red Lake, “Why”.  And the shootings continue.

“Why” is bogus because each shooter is different, and each is the same.  Each has a grievance, and each is similar to other kids their own age who do not go wack and kill people.  “Why” is an ENDLESS DIVERSION FROM THE REAL QUESTION.  We will NEVER know WHY for certain, because WHY is a question of rationality, and the act of killing 30+ is INSANE. Thus, there is no RATIONAL ANSWER TO WHY.
The correct question is “How”.  “How” did this guy, a 23-year old Korean legal resident, get off 50-70 rounds, killing 30+ and himself?  Hey, I can answer that.  “How” is MULTI-ROUND MAGAZINES.  How is multiple magazines which could be snapped in without reloading.  How is easy gun access.  How is gun shows with no ID check.  How is GUN WACKISM, the true religion of the US.

We need the BAN on multi-round magazines REINSTATED.  These were banned under the Assault Weapons Ban.  The Assault Weapons Ban was allowed to lapse under the Repukeliscum, the handmaidens of the NRA.

Call your senator TODAY.  Tell him/her to REINSTATE the MULTI-ROUND MAGAZINE BAN.

Remind them that the 2nd Amendment says NOTHING WHATSOEVER about MULTI-ROUND MAGAZINES.  These are not protected in any way by this part of the constitution.

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