It seemed to be a slow “news” weekend so on Sunday my daughter and I took the horses for a trail ride.  It was a summer like clear day and the winding trail was a tunnel through vibrant fall foliage.

A good day with the horse is a day when horse and rider become one.  Sometimes this is difficult as I am actually a novice rider and this handsome 16.1 hand quarterhorse four year old still has the tendency to trip over his own feet.  He can be sort of a wise guy and decides to avoid the rocks in the trail by going to one side or the other.  This puts me in the low tree branches.  I can’t get mad at him because part of it is my not paying attention.

Farther down the trail we get more relaxed and he actually starts listening to me and I him.  The short section of road and traffic scares him.  I sense he wants to take off into the woods to check out something he finds interesting.  The stumps and fallen trees make this not a good idea.  I give him left reign and he does respond.  With the trail now clear of rocks I signal and he slips into his best lope.  We now have a warm fall day, a tunnel of color at high speed and a happy horse.

Now why do I post this here?  Well whatever you do for simple enjoyment take it all in, savor it and renew your creative soul side.  The outrage of the day will still be there but your mind will be in a better place.

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