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Holy Moly! HIllary Clinton has raised more dollars than God! She’s inevitable. She’s like a mint. She’s raking dollars in hand over fist from Corporate Donors.

That’s great! She’s going to stomp those unmarketable Democrats like Edwards, Obama, Dodd, Kucinich & Gravel in the primaries and she’s going to stomp the Republican nominee because they can’t compete in terms of dollars.


Hillary may have more Corporate Dollars than everybody else, and the corporate media has already coronated her, but while she’s got many more Corporate Dollars than her primary competition, she’s lacking Common Sense.

Common Sense says that says that War with Iran is a bad idea.

Common Sense says that relying on Insurance Cartels to take care of sick kids is a bad idea.

Common Sense says that Perpetual War is no way to Protect America.

Yeah, Hillary’s got lots of Dollars but little Sense.

What does this mean?

This means that she’s going to drown her primary competition in Corporate Dollars then have to go into ‘General Election Mode’ and compete with other people who have no Common Sense.

The Republicans have no Common Sense? Odds are you’ve watched or listened to the debates. Sure there’s no comparison in terms of Corporate Dollars, but while Hillary is in a league of her own in the Corporate Dollars department, she’s right there in league with the NeoCons and Freemarketeers in the lack of Common Sense department.

If HIllary gets the nod, she’s going to lose to Rudy or Mitt. Dollars won’t matter. Rudy will sound like he has more Common Sense than her. Why? Because his rhetoric fits his values. He’s a mean son of a bitch and he’s running for the Biggest Meanest Son of a Bitch on the planet. He’s cold, calculating and has little principles.

Hillary is trying to be it all. I think she’s trying to protect the downtrodden. She’s obviously planning on taking care of Corporate America. I think she’s trying to get us out of Iraq. She’s giving a green light to invade Iran. I think she’s trying to guarantee Healthcare to all Americans. She’s ensuring that Insurance Cartels will continue to profit off of sick Americans.

I don’t know how much making Sense that does for me, but it looks like it’s a good prescription for making Dollars.

Common Sense says that you should only take money from the people you are planning on representing. Hillary said, “No thank you,” to public financing and chose to be Corporate Financed.

Isn’t that what everybody here accused Nader of? Taking money from people who had no desire to support his policies. All they wanted was for somebody else to lose.

Presidents should be elected because of their Common Sense, not their Corporate Dollars.

This is one place where I think we can all agree that Sense is more valuable than Dollars.

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