…Pelosi claims that “the House has had a remarkable level of achievement over the first year, passing 130 key measures — with nearly 70 percent passing with significant bipartisan support.”

That figure is achieved by setting the bar conveniently low — measuring as bipartisan any issue in which even 50 House Republicans broke ranks to vote with the Democrats. Thus, a party-line vote in which Democrats supported but most Republicans opposed criminal penalties for price-gouging on gasoline was converted, in Pelosi’s accounting, into a “bipartisan” vote because it was backed by 56 Republicans.

Jesus Christ, David! It’s bipartisan when Chris Shays (alone) votes with the Democrats. You are going to complain that 56 Republican votes are not enough to make a claim of bipartisanship? Tell it to the president. He thought Zell Miller bestowed bipartisanship on everything he touched…like a crazy, craggy King Midas.

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