NBC/GE is holding a presidential debate in Nevada tomorrow, January 15, 2008!  They had invited four candidates to the event, as all of them had met NBC/GE’s criteria for the event.  The four candidates were to be JE, HRC, BO and DK!
Ah, but invitations can be withdrawn, particularly when NBC/GE decides to rewite their criteria!  And three happy candidates will be on the stage!  JE (even though the MSM has ‘blacked him out…yeah, right), HRC and BO!

Talk about the possibilities for labeling NBC/GE as ‘worst persons in the world.’

And just what does NBC/GE not want you to hear and see tomorrow?  What bothers them enough to look like foolish MSMers to rewite their criteria and rescind an invitation?

Or maybe:

Or this:

How about this:

Here’s some more they don’t want you to hear:

They surely don’t want you to hear about possible voting irregularites, now do they?

And, the Gods know, they don’t want any mention of the ‘I’ word:

Y’know, I can’t really say I blame them.  After all, NBC is the television arm of one of the largest military contractors in the country!  Imagine them allowing a fair amount of time for someone who’s led the fight against the occupation of Iraq and who’s never voted to fund said occupation.  Dennis probably wasn’t someone who was on NBC/GE’s Christmas card list.

Come to think about it, if I were the other candidates, I wouldn’t want Dennis on the stage either.  After all, he might bring up Universal Single Payer Health Care.  Since the others don’t support that, why would they want to have Dennis reminding of that?  And then there’s that pesky business of the Patriot Act, along with no nuke on the table for Iran, getting our troops out of Iraq by 2013 and that always pesky impeachment thing!

Hmmmm…it works out fine for NBC/GE and the big three Democratic candidates.  I wonder….

As always, now more than ever,

Go Dennis!
Vote your conscience, choose peace!

Update: Dennis wins his suit, is to be on stage tomorrow!!!

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