Speaking of Indiana, Brave New Films posted this video on April 23, 2008 revealing Republican candidate, former Indiana state attorney, antiporn advocate for the “white” race, antiSemite Tony Zirkle, presenting at a neoNazi conference. Timely, it is (via Alternet).

Tony Zirkle is running for the 2nd District GOP nomination in Indiana. According to WSBT-TV, “Zirkle said he would speak to any group that invites him, and that he admired the American National Socialist Workers Party’s concern about ‘prostitution of young white women.'”

Overthrow.com, a Web site associated with the “white advocacy” organization, reported that Zirkle “spoke on his history as a state’s attorney in Indiana, prosecuting Jewish and Zionist criminal gangs involved in trafficking prostitutes and pornography from Russia and the Zionist entity.”

Watch here:

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