In trying to defuse questions about her vote on the Iraq War Resolution, Hillary has claimed that she did not read the NIE that stated that Iraq did not possess any WMDs.The possession of WMDs was the single important reason Bush has cited for the invasion.

It is even more important to recall that  Hans Blix and Scott Ritter had independently arrived at the same conclusion and were kicked out of Iraq by Bush before he launched his invasion.

Ask yourself this question.A Senator on the Armed Services Committee, a Wellesley grad and a Yale Law graduate and partner of one of the country’s most prestigious law firms claims she did not read a memorandum as important as the NIE before she cast her vote? How believable is that?

Also think about the lies she has uttered this campaign season when her aura of inevitability fell apart after February 5.

I think she was a supporter of the war along with her friend and philosophical ally,John McCain.She is dodging the bullets on this support and in an ironic way she can claim tobe under sniper fire, not at Tuzla where she claimed to be at the receiving end but in the US.

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