Per John at Americablog, Slate has just published a piece on a new bio of Bill Clinton.

Short version: he’s still wildly philandering, he doesn’t know how to use a computer or even email, and he cheats at golf.

What this all has to do with whether Hillary would be a good president or not I don’t know, but as John says:

Hillary is the one who has said that personal scandals, and personal relationships, of fellow Democrats are fair game in this nomination battle. Hillary is the one who said that vetting these scandals now, rather than letting the Republicans vet them in the fall, is a necessity and is actually doing our party a favor, giving us a chance to see how well the potential nominee will fight back against such sleazy revelations.

The most relevant part of Slate’s revelations, IMO, is this – this campaign is all about Bill’s desire to experience the thrill of campaigning again, even if just vicariously:

Pages 232 and 233: As recently as summer 2006, Clinton told a financial supporter that Hillary wouldn’t run for president “because she can’t win. … Do you realize that 51 percent of the people in this country who vote are women? Women don’t want Hillary. So I doubt if she’s going to run.” He’s also “been heard to say that Harold Ford Jr. and Barack Obama ‘are the two guys with the juice to go all the way some time in the future.’ ” Sounds like a good attack ad.

Page 240: Clinton’s been itching to get back on the campaign trail ever since he left office and has been a bit too eager coaching Hillary. One night at a conference, he felt that Hillary had answered a question incorrectly. According to Peter Hart, a pollster, Clinton called the moderator down and said, “I think my wife’s got the formulation wrong. Why don’t you call on me and I’ll clarify it?” Unsurprisingly, the moderator ignored his request.

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